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Distillation instalation, type C27 CADALPE

Data connectd to the distillation instalation:

1. The instalation includes (see the schema A):

  • Alcohol outputting unit;
  • Neutral substances filter;
  • Distillation unit;
  • Flowing condeser;
  • Alcohol steam condenser;
  • Distillate cooler;
  • Head fraction tank;
  • End fraction tank;
  • Cooler;
  • Steering panel with thermometres.

2. Other data:

  • with distillation of 12% wine you get 95% spirit;
  • as above - efficiency - about 85 l/h;
  • one cycle with stuff fulfilment (900 l) - lasts about 2-3 h;
  • made in 1993;
  • made in Italy.

231 2a k

Schema A

231 2b k

Schema A description

231 2 k
Pictures of destilation unit as it is


Distillation units Type SK 1769
for spirit distillate production (with yeast propagating)

Distillation units are used for producing spirit distillate from different fermented raw materials such as: plum paste, potatoe and grain wort, and other raw materials used for alcohol fermntation.

Distillation units Type SK 1769

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