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Spare parts for the machines for food processing
  1. Knives for different types of cutters: Laska 325 l, Nagema 125 l i 200 l, Kramer Grebe i 325 l, polski 120 l i 250 l, i inne.
  2. Sieves for cutters;
  3. Sieves and knives for different types of meat mincers, i.e.: for diameters 160 & 200 mm.
  4. Knives for skin removing machine "Nagema".
  5. Knives for cutting machine "Herbort".
  6. Motoreducers of different types and specifications.
  7. Different kinds of engines (motors).
  8. Different kinds and sizes of valves.
  9. Different types of belts (inox, PU, PP).
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